S  Benson​ ​Todd

S Benson Todd © 2016

"Freedom is a Fine Line, # 13,     Horsing Around,    Aloha,    Religion #5,    Meditation"

I consider myself to be a creative person, who likes to make different types of Art.  I like to work on a group of up to five pieces at a time, often with a similar theme or colors.   An example is when I painted ten paintings according to the theme that "Freedom is a Fine Line." Often my technique is tighter on the earlier pieces,  and becomes looser and more playful within each painting.  Even so, I work on all of them at the same time until I think they are finished.

For me, knowing I can "do realism" is important such as painting what most of us see, or duplicating one of my photographs.  But I also like to take artistic liberty and manipulate or change my subject matter to how I think it would look better.  Using different painting styles such as impressionism or a more modern and Abstract expression, along with different color combinations, makes my Art pleasant to the eye even if the subject matter is more serious.  I often like to include playful ideas though.

When you click on the menu choices above you will see photos of some of my Art in various organizational categories such as "compositions,"or "abstract" as well as  different subject matter including "landscapes" and "portraits."  Hopefully you will see how I keep my Art interesting to me, and hopefully to you.   An Art critic described work as "something familiar in an unexpected way."                 

I have  always liked the saying, 

!! Vive el Arte !!          

Diverse Paintings, Collage, Portraits, Landscapes;

Will Personalize Style: Impressionistic, Abstract / Realistic

And, Will Advise on Placement of My Original Art,  a Print from my Original Art, and Where it fits with existing Art.

"Aloha,"   an oil collage landscape portrait.     sold.            

My Art is Varied in Style, Color Scheme, and Composition, as well as Conceptually.  I believe people need Variety in our homes, work place, or in any environment.  Art makes us think about our world, experience other places, and often feel pleasure in what we see.                                                                                                     

Artist Susan Benson Todd  grew up going to art galleries with her parents on their trips across the USA. Thus, she has always valued Art in her life.  Todd ended up in the West, and enjoys it's vast landscapes, large sky, and it's people.

Waves of time and a need for Art arise for creating.  Sometimes however other often creative activities roll in the way, being a board member of the City of Greeley Arts Commission,  directing & doing home improvements, and expanding perspective through study groups. 

Benson Todd thrives on Versatility, Variety, and of course Color,  which make everything memorable, and "alive."