S  Benson​ ​Todd

"Looking Through Monuments, (Utah)"       oil

"Geology,"  in NM,         Water Color

"Meditation," water media. (Wooden shelf was made by an Art Professor at the University of Northern Colorado.)

​"Whirling"  (Dervish with Orchids)                        oil

​Simplify, Take apart, Daydream!

Circle Composition became "The Cove"                oil                    sold

"Reflection,"  an abstraction of a bird's reflection

in the Gulf of Mexico, just off of Siesta Key in Florida,        oil  

S Benson Todd © 2016

New Mexico in the late '70's started a "Freedom is a Fine Line" series which was my theme as President for a 130+ year old study group.  Lines (and Freedom) keep on evolving.