S  Benson​ ​Todd

S Benson Todd © 2016

"Free  Wheeling," is the second in a series of about seven, which includes variations of the oval/circle for a composition.

"The Way We Wear"  Look at the comparison of Chinese "Lotus Slippers," withhow today's women torture their feet for beauty / style / sexual  appeal.

"Freedom 205," a watercolor about how some of us spend our time.                                                           sold.

The  collage above was created with 3 other artists besides myself:    

Tori Baldwin, May Yip, and Ruth Savig.

"Vive el Arte" / "Empezar Otra Vez (to begin again),"  a silkscreen,  There are a couple of the prints remaining.

Experimental, Playful Placements of Subjects

"Time Rolls Along," with 3 historical time periods:

1)    Open Land,

2).. .turning into

       buildings & images from the 1950's,

3)...progressing into

       Large Churches and

       Large (Discount) Stores.

The top two pieces of Art  include  3 columns  and 3 rows of images.

The bottom three  each have 3  images in different compositions.

Circular, Triangular  and  square compositions create interest.

Varying the layout of objects, or the subjects, can enhance theintended meaning,  and /or  the contrast desired.   Use of a good composition makes your eye move around the piece,  and thus makes it more interesting.